Payment Details


MyClassifieds offers three methods of payment for premium ads and store fronts, please find further details below. Adverts will only be uploaded or marked as premium once we receive proof of payment.

Please be sure to quote the unique reference number supplied to you during the upload of your advert when making payment.

1. EcoCash:

How to pay: Please follow the below instructions, using the MyClassifieds merchant name and number supplied.
Merchant name: Myclassifieds
EcoCash merchant number: 43024

Register with EcoNet to make payment easy, and follow the below steps:

  1. Dial *151*200# and enter your PIN to access your EcoCash menu
  2. Select Option 2-Pay Merchant
  3. Enter Merchant Code
  4. Enter Amount that you wish to pay (e.g. 2 for $2 or 2.10 for $2.10)
  5. You will see a message on your screen advising you of the purchase amount and the mobile number you wish to send to. From there you can either Select Option 1-Approve or Option 2-Cancel the transaction.
  6. If you approve the transaction, a confirmation message will be sent to you with the following details:
    • Transferred amount
    • Receiving merchant’s name/code
    • New wallet balance
  7. Keep these confirmation messages as reference and only dispose of them when you are certain that you no longer need them

2. EFT - Banking Details:

How to pay: Deposit the money into our account, Steward Bank Account and email /fax the deposit /RTGS slip. Please use the unique reference code for the adverts supplied to you as a transfer reference.
Account Name : Zimind Publishers Private Limited
Bank : Stewart Bank (Zimbabwe)
Account Number : 1001369098
Branch Name: Kwame Nkrumah
Branch Branch Code: 20102
Bank Swift Code : TNLBZWHX.
Please email proof of payment to

3. Cash Payments:

How to pay: Please pay directly to our Offices at the addresses supplied below. Please rememeber to bring the unique reference code supplied to you for the advert(s).


Alpha Media Holdings Offices One Union Avenue Building, One Kwame Nkrumah avenue , 3rd block 1st Floor Harare, Zimbabwe.
Fax +263 4 776854

Alpha Media Holdings Amtec Building, Corner Robert Mugabe/12th Avenue.
Fax +263 9 76837